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Schools and Universities have to lead by example when it comes to protecting not only our environment but also our finite precious natural resources.

The Waterless Urinals of Urimat Australia facilitate the achievement of these objectives.

These are some of the schools and universities which have decided to make a difference to our environment and are using Urimat Waterless Urinals as part of their plan:

-          Edith Cowan University
-          Currambine Catholic Primary School
-          Kardinya Primary School
-          UWA University of Western Australia
-          Christian Aboriginal Directed-Parent School Coolgardie
-          State School Teacher’s Union of WA
-          Murdoch University
-          Peter Moyes Anglican Community School
If you would like to find out about utilising Urimat waterless urinals at your educational institution, please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry.


ECU Edith Cowan University which uses Urimat Waterless Urinals.