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Siphon for Eco and Compact Range (Polycarbonate) from Urimat Australia
Order # 50.100  
Siphon for Menos (Ceramic) Urinal from Urimat Australia
Order # 50.201  
1 Litre Biox cleaning agent from Urimat Australia
Order # 80.001
10 Litre Biox cleaning agent from Urimat Australia
Order # 80.006
Spray Bottle for Biox cleaning agent from Urimat Australia
Order # 80.008
Stainless Steel Filter for eco & menos urinals from URIMAT Australia
Order # 56.001


Urimat Australia Waterless Urinals are simple and cost effective to maintain.


We recommend BIOX as the cleaning agent.

BIOX is a microbiological cleaning agent which is environmental friendly and safe to use.

BIOX contains micro-organisms which help to break down the waste and result in a pleasant and long-lasting freshness in your washroom.

BIOX is sold as a concentrate and is available in 1 litre bottles or 10 litre containers. The dilution ratio of 1:20 gives you either 21 litres or 210 litres of diluted BIOX to use. Please download the instructions below which will instruct you on how how to achieve the best results from the use of your cleaning agent.

Downloadable Maintenance Instructions

Changing Siphon
Cleaning Instructions