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The D-Valve technology used in our urinals is developed and manufactured in Australia

Urimat Australia leads the industry in waterless urinal design, technology, maintenance and service. The company is committed to innovation and continuously evolves its products to ensure they are the best available. The D-Valve used in our urinals is developed and manufactured in Australia. Our environmentally friendly waterless urinals are installed in a variety of hospitality establishments including hotels, resorts, pubs, restaurants, sporting and leisure clubs, commercial office buildings, shopping centers, government buildings, and educational institutions, such as universities and schools. By installing Urimat Australia's waterless urinals, companies can save money, water, and improve hygiene, without the need for flushing.

All urinals of Urimat Australia are equipped with the state-of-the-art D-Valve technology, which is proudly developed and manufactured in Australia.